Customer stories

Our customers hit the mark for a huge range of dining needs, from casual dining and fast-casual to fine dining, street food stalls and dark kitchens, to meal delivery plans and retail. They all share a common aim: striking the balance between great quality and price, while constantly innovating for success. Read more about how Collectiv Food helps them achieve their goals.

Customer stories

How we are helping our customers innovate & save time and money


Putting sustainability on the menu

With the clean eating trend in full swing, Romain Bourrillon, Cocotte's founder and chef, spotted the gap for a casual dining restaurant that would appeal to a healthy and sustainability conscious clientele. With this idea in his pocket, Romain set to create London’s first healthy rotisserie. He found the perfect product match by price, quality and certifications by working with us.


Cost savings add up

Crussh's mission for "healthier tastier easier" food on the high street was niche and visionary back in 1998 but today it taps into the mainstream trend for clean eating whilst keeping an edge on its competitors thanks to its service and high-quality ingredients. We helped Nick Nathan, Operations Director, save a minimum of £50,000 per year.

Nusa kitchen

Strong buying power - whatever the quantities

Sergey Georgiev, Operations Manager at Nusa Kitchen, says: "Collectiv Food allows me to order the stock I need at reasonable prices. By matching my specifications, I have full flexibility in order quantities without losing my buying power." That's what buying as a collective looks like.