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With us you'll find the largest variety of options sourced directly from 1,000s of producers in the UK and from around the world. An ever-growing network selected by quality, value and reliability.

Our products

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Beef, lamb, pork, poultry or game - great quality, responsibly sourced


A broad range of seafood options: frozen, fresh, whole, portioned, flaked or smoked - we have your requirements covered

Plant-based proteins

The best meat-free alternatives for your vegan-friendly menu

Sourced directly from producers

We’ve built strong, direct relationships with thousands of producers, providing you with an impressive variety of the highest quality produce, at market-beating prices

Selected additions to your Collectiv Food order

Dairy and eggs

A range of quality cheeses, including feta and halloumi, yogurt and value-added eggs


Selected drinks options to complement your protein requirements - thirst-quenching alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available


Who can resist a frozen ice-cream mochi?

Nusa Kitchen

I don’t need to check the weight: with Collectiv Food, it is always a little over than a little under - I trust them.

Nada Subramaniam Head Chef

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