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We're sourcing experts, working with thousands of vetted producers in the UK and around the world to match you with the products you need. An ever-growing network selected on quality, value and reliability.

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Sourcing for a better food future

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Direct, traceable sources

Today's food supply chain is full of middlemen and hidden costs; we strive to always go direct to source, securing traceability as well as the best prices.

Responsible choices made easy

We aim to systematically empower our customers to make the best decisions for their requirements and values

Inclusive and fair partnerships

We support and strengthen our producer network by listening to their needs, whether that's knowledge of where their product is going or favourable payment terms

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Join our producer network

Our relationships with producers are built on a commitment to promote honest and transparent dialogue about food.

By working with us, you'll become a valued partner in a fairer, more efficient food supply chain. We'll show you exactly where your food is going and give you direct access to new markets.

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